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Jones Enterprise has proudly served the Maryland area for more than two decades. We have successfully completed projects in the larger regional municipalities including D.C., Northern Virginia and the surrounding Mid-Atlantic areas while continuing to provide construction services in the smaller communities of the Baltimore area, where Jones Enterprise was founded and is presently headquartered.
I would like to take this opportunity to commend your company on a job well done. Without the expertise and experience of your team I believe the quality of the project would have suffered.
At Jones Enterprise we strive to listen and understand the needs of the owner, establish meaningful relationships with project designers and consultants based on open communication, and to continually learn and acquire the necessary knowledge and expertise to achieve a comprehensive awareness of all aspects of project design and construction.

We are committed to continually adapting and growing with the construction industry, and encourage our team of professionals to pursue advancement opportunities through continued education and professional industry certifications that allow us to better serve our clients.
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